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Snack Packs for our Homeless Neighbors

Our Outreach Team members distribute snack packs as they meet individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Our case managers also distribute them. Easy-open protein items provide a great food source for our clients. Volunteers consult the list below and choose items to package in Ziploc bags.  Clients often find it most helpful when snack packs contain a mix of no-chew (e.g. applesauce, pudding) and chewy items to accommodate all levels of dental health. You are free to place an encouraging note in each pack!  Please don’t include last names, contact information, seasonal references, dates, or religious references.  

Snack pack composition:

  • One no-chew item:  applesauce, pudding, nut butter pouch or cup
  • One meat-based protein source:  jerky, fish in a pouch, Bumble Bee snacks on the run, Vienna sausages with pop-top lid
  • One granola or protein bar (crunchier and non-chocolate preferred)
  • One other snack:  peanut butter or cheese crackers, nuts or seeds, dried fruit, trail mix

Thank you for your compassion and commitment to helping our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.  To schedule a weekday delivery of completed snack packs to SEARCH, please contact Phoenix Johnson.  You can also encourage community members to keep a small number of snack packs in their vehicle to distribute when they encounter someone on the streets.

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