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On any given day, approximately 3,000 individuals in Houston are experiencing homelessness. Many of these men and women are immobilized by physical or mental health impairments and the lack of a support network. For many, it is virtually impossible to exit homelessness without some assistance. SEARCH is there to provide that help.

SEARCH’s Mobile Outreach Team travels throughout Houston to common gathering areas for those who are homeless and provides on-the-spot assistance, assessments, intervention, and referrals. Armed with food, water, clothing, and blankets, they offer an important lifeline to people who are living on the street.

Once connected with SEARCH, we help our clients obtain permanent housing, move into their new home, and qualify for benefits and other supportive resources that they need to stabilize their lives and successfully exit homelessness.

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Life can throw some serious curve balls, and some people end up losing everything, including their homes. Your donation to SEARCH will help bring them HOME!

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