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SEARCH is often mentioned in a variety of print, radio and television outlets. Click the tabs below to read more about SEARCH’s work in our community.

Seeking Shelter/Seeking Solutions: Is Houston, Texas, a model for ending homelessness in Anchorage? (August 28, 2023): An in-depth investigation into the homeless crisis in Anchorage led reporters at Alaska’s News Source to the Lone Star State in search of answers. Many city leaders consider Houston, Texas, a model community when it comes to finding solutions to homelessness.

Thao Costis on Houston’s homelessness solution (June 17, 2022): In the last decade, Houston, Texas has helped moved more than 25,000 homeless people into homes of their own, making it the best city in the US at helping solve homelessness. Thao Costis, CEO of SEARCH Homeless Services, speaks to the BBC.

Why California is looking to Texas for homeless solutions(June 28, 2023) Californians desperate for homeless solutions are looking to successful Texas programs, but replicating them might be too costly.

Two Houston Charities to Receive $10 Million to Fight Homelessness (November 20, 2018): Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is donating nearly $100 million to some two dozen charities as part of a nationwide campaign to end homelessness.

Homeless Count Determines Level Of Funding (January 23, 2012): Thao Costis, president and CEO of SEARCH says the need for an accurate count is critical.

Homelessness Worsens in Houston (October 4, 2009): Houston has seen a dramatic increase in demand for social services and homeless shelters.  The recession and Hurricane Ike have brought a whole new group of people into the homeless system. But for the first time — large amounts of money are available for homelessness prevention.

Houston nonprofit launches new event sharing stories of homelessness in TED talk-like shows (October 17, 2023): The stories included prose and poetry, the carefully written and the unscripted.

A Sense of Community Comes to the Table (July 7, 2019): Connecting over a meal proves powerful for those transitioning from homelessness and interfaith volunteers.

SEARCH Marks 30 Years of Serving Houston’s Homeless (April 19, 2019): As SEARCH Homeless Services celebrated 30 years of serving the Houston community, hundreds gathered at the Annual Luncheon.

Free suits help men look sharp for job interviews (July 10, 2012): Career Gear, is a nonprofit organization in Houston that dresses men in business suits before they go on job interviews. The men are referred through social-service agencies such as Goodwill, SEARCH and SER-Jobs for Progress.

Decline in Homelessness Spurs Efforts to Build Long-term Housing (May 7, 2012): SEARCH client, Edwin Dansby, says he probably would still be on the streets if there hadn’t been an opening at the permanent supporting apartment complex.

Preschool Proves Itself to Homeless Mom (March 24, 2012): This piece focuses on one of our former clients and a current Board member/client representative, Wendi Hay, and our efforts to expand SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures.

A Story from Nation’s ‘most diverse’ Metro Area (March 23, 2012): This piece examines the diversity of Houston and focuses on Thao Costis, SEARCH Homeless Services President/CEO.

Help for the homeless (March 8, 2011): This response editorial piece submits that retaining the Homeless Housing and Services Program is both fiscally and morally responsible.

Innovative programs for the homeless pay dividends (March 4, 2011): State Representative Sylvester Turner and State Senator John Whitmire examine the benefits of homeless services on the community and taxpayers.

Sisters of the Street (October 24, 2010): Everyone who experiences homelessness is vulnerable.  They have few means to protect themselves from the elements or from people who prey on the weak.  The Houston Chronicle featured this story about three women who’d had families and careers, but suffered from mental illness and its complexities that lead to or exacerbate homelessness.  Their violent deaths raise the sense of urgency for more resources and aid to help the most vulnerable in our community. We honor their lives and will not forget their struggles.

Poor child care appears to have long-term effects (May 14, 2010): Low-quality care in the first few years of life can have a small but long-lasting impact on a child’s learning and behavior, according to new results from the largest, most authoritative assessment of child rearing in the United States.

Study: Rent units better for homeless (March 25, 2010): When helping first-time homeless, it’s cheaper for some communities to house individuals and families in rental apartments than in emergency shelters or transitional housing, according to a federal study released Thursday. In Houston, for example, it cost almost $1,400 a month to place a family in an emergency shelter compared with the cost of $743 month to place them in a two-bedroom apartment.

HomeAid adds care projects to assist homeless (October 28, 2009): HomeAid identifies various homeless-care providers throughout the area who need additional accommodations and connects them with GHBA members who donate labor and materials to help build this needed housing.Examples of HomeAid Care projects include the Krause Children’s Center in west Houston that resulted in improvements valued at $26,000, and SEARCH’s Houston of Tiny Treasures with improvements valued at $32,000.

I-45 Expansion Would Force Out Homeless Center (August 3, 2017): It took four years for SEARCH Homeless Services to find a property to build its new headquarters, now it may have to start hunting for a new property all over again.

How Houston Cut Its Homeless Population by Nearly Two-Thirds (August 30, 2023): Houston has created a real system to address homelessness, aligning city, county and nonprofit efforts. That innovative program is now under threat, due to changes in leadership and funding.

What can Houston teach Los Angeles about solving homelessness? (January 30, 2022) The struggle to solve homelessness is getting harder nearly everywhere. Yet recent years have still seen many more victories than defeats. And the biggest victory is in greater Houston, which over the last decade has cut homelessness by more than half.

NCHV Releases Best Practices Publication for HVRP Grantees (August 22, 2012): Since 2003, NCHV has sought out successful, innovative Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) practices in providing employment services to homeless veterans. SEARCH is one of the top 20 profiles listed.

Remote Learning Presents Additional Challenge For Students Experiencing Homelessness (September 20, 2020): Education during a pandemic is hard enough, but for families experiencing homelessness, remote learning is especially challenging, and not in a good way.

How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own (June 14, 2022): SEARCH and our partners in The Way Home have shown how much can be accomplished through collaboration, hard work, and an effective and humane approach to tackling homelessness. So proud of the progress that Houston has made as featured in this fantastic article!

SEARCH Homeless Services Will Be Moving From Midtown to East Downtown (May 14, 2015):  The nonprofit plans to leave its current HQ for this location.

Does Homelessness Make You Feel Angry? That Could Have To Do With Your Faith In Capitalism.Here’s a list of Texas organizations that are helping the homeless (February 26, 2020): The article addresses heightened emotional reactions to the growing visible homeless population in Austin. SEARCH case manager Otha Norton and Coming Home program mentor Gary King also reflect on building community with those experiencing homelessness.

Here’s a list of Texas organizations that are helping the homeless (November 18, 2019): Experts say one way Texans can help is to reach out to local organizations and see what they need.

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