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SEARCH’s Picnic with a Purpose


Silver Street Studios
Thursday, November 11, 2021
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Event Chairs

Whitney & Jimmy Hinton

Tennie & David Ott

While battling homelessness has been SEARCH’s focus for more than 30 years, our community’s challenges today amplify the significant race, economic, and health divides most of our clients face every day of their lives.  We provide services that move our clients from the streets and keep them stably housed, fed, and healthy. More importantly, we offer them, and each other, community, dignity, opportunity, and choice. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary acts to build our community’s health and humanity. On the evening of November 11, we will gather (with social distancing in mind) to celebrate our mission at SEARCH’s Picnic with a Purpose.

Steering Committee

Caroline & Peter Billipp
Tay & Phillip Carey
Sarah & Doug Foshee
Claudine & David Hartland
Diane & Lee Jourdan
Aynsley & Palmer Letzerich
Denise & Rick Mauro
Jessica & Clint Rancher
Mary & John Steen
Kendall & Rusty Tamlyn
Mequet & David Werlin

2021 Underwriters

Title Sponsor

Polly & Murry Bowden

Transforming Lives

Shelly Cyprus
Sarah & Doug Foshee

Creating Opportunity

Jane & Doug Bland
Building New Foundations
Karma Burford & David Arnold
Lenni & Bill Burke
Callon Petroleum
Kerry & George Gerachis
Earl & Susan Hesterberg
Whitney & Jimmy Hinton
Lori & Chip Johnson
Marek Family
Tennie & David Ott
PJS of Houston, Inc.
Colleen Sherlock
Truist Bank
Asha & Farid Virani

Providing Hope

Catha & Homer Carrillo
Corda Investment Management, LLC
Shari & Tom Fish
Valerie Foulkes & Dan Hamilton
Betsy & John Garibaldi
Greenwood King Properties
Pamela & Todd McGrath
John McLaughlin
Ruthie & Adam Miller
Amy & Rob Pierce
Joy & Paul Posoli
Elizabeth Schwarze
Sydney & Jeff Shellebarger
Vinson & Elkins LLP

Rebuilding Connections

Kathi Abba & Patrick Herlihy
Linda & Les Allison
Caroline & Peter Billipp
Blayne & David Bonham
Cara & Jason Cansler
Tay & Phillip Carey
Richard Cline
Thao & Dean Costis
Charlotte & Wade Crawford
Ethos Consulting LC
Forney Construction
Judith Finkel
Monica Fulton
Annette & Roger Gregory
Anne & Brett Hamilton
Cindy & Bob Holloway
Marianne & Rob Jones
Diane & Lee Jourdan
Robin & Danny Klaes
Susan & Collin Loewen
Denise & Rick Mauro
Christie & Billy McCartney/Katy & John Nelson
Kathy & Stu Miller
Meredith Mouer & Andy Weiner
Jeannette Nestvold
Peggy & John Rathmell
Bea & Andres Reiner
Erin & Collin Salisbury
Jackie & Stephen Sibley
TAM International, Inc.
Ellen Wallace & Mitch Kreindler
Yvonne & Scott Ziegler

Inspiring Change

Joanie & Doug Aron
Ketti Awad & George Younis
Lisa Barksdale
Rosanna & Myron Blalock
Mary & Steve Bradshaw
Peggy & Mark Burck
Les Cave
Sondee & Peter Chalcraft
Rachelle & Pete Dillett
Tracy & Jeff Everist
Elaine & Marvy Finger
Whitney & Matthew Gordon
Mary & Carter Groves
Claire Liu & Joe Greenberg
Mary & Carter Groves
Diana & Ronny Hecht
Clare & Steve Jackson
Aynsley & Palmer Letzerich
Blair & Bryan Loocke
Cindy & Donnie Marion
Jim Marshall
David Mitchell
Ginni & Richard Mithoff
Mark Nelson
Danny Pleason/Martha Turner-Sotheby’s
Richard Punches
Jessica & Clint Rancher
Jo Ann & Richard Rothfelder
Carolyn & Jake Sabat
Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber
Francis & Wynne Sharpe
Audrey & Zachary Springer
LB &Reid Springmeyer
Kendall & Rusty Tamlyn
Catherine Troisi & Richard Stoll
Erin & Jake Umbriaco
Hollie & Kollen West
Alex & Aron Will
Taylor & Nellis Willhite
Charla & George Wilson
Lorraine Wulfe

Wine & Spirits Sponsors

Calirosa Tequila
Mexcor International Wine and Spirits
Jay & Paula Pryor

Beer Sponsor


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