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Page Photo - StabilizeBecause of the challenges that have contributed to homelessness, the lives of these individuals and families are in chaos.Their lack of a steady income and security of a home intensify whatever social, physical, and psychological challenges they face.

Stabilization Services

Stabilization Services provides intensive case management for persons with extra challenges. The problems these individuals face and the public services they utilize cost the community a significant amount of funds in healthcare, judicial processing and more.

Currently, the targeted individuals include:

  • the chronically homeless, individuals with a chronic disability who have been homeless for more than one year, or experienced homelessness four times within the past three years;
  • those with mental illness who are homeless; and
  • persons with chronic conditions are assigned disability specialists that can help obtain social security income.

On-Site Medical and Dental Clinics

Poor health and lack of affordable healthcare are among the top risk factors related to homelessness.

Major barriers to care include:

  • lack of insurance or a Harris County Hospital District Gold Card
  • cost of care
  • lack of transportation
  • long waits for care or appointments

SEARCH collaborates with Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston (HHH) to provide on-site medical and dental care. HHH originated from a partnership between SEARCH and Baylor College of Medicine and currently provides homeless individuals with medical care, mental health counseling, dentistry, vision care, podiatry and health education.

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