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World Homeless Weekend

Every year in October, cities across the globe observe World Homeless Day. Its purpose is to draw attention to the needs of people experiencing homelessness and provide opportunities for communities to get involved in responding to this urgent humanitarian issue.

SEARCH Homeless Services and its Council of Congregations invite faith groups across the Houston area to participate in World Homelessness Weekend – a time for you to do one thing with your congregation to raise awareness, provide service opportunities, pray, or advocate for some of the most marginalized and vulnerable members of our city.

With many faith communities joining in a simultaneous effort, you can make an enormous collective impact on the consciousness of your members. You will make a difference by influencing hearts and minds and by creating avenues of engagement with those experiencing homelessness.

Houston has been a national leader in reducing homelessness since its implementation of The Way Home in 2011, and it has been able to reduce its homeless population by over 50%. However, in large part due to Hurricane Harvey, 2018 saw an increase in homelessness in Houston for the first time in the past seven years.

Working in concert, people of faith can shine a light on homelessness.

Your faith community can:

  • Take a special offering to donate to agencies working with people experiencing homelessness
  • Collect goods (see list of needed goods) to donate to homeless services agencies
  • Make “survival kits” (see list of helpful items)  to hand out to people on the street
  • Offer a specific prayer during worship services
  • Feature a speaker on homelessness from  a local agency
  • Print and distribute an updated “Facts & Figures” brochure on homelessness
  • Commit to volunteer at a homeless services agency

SEARCH will provide information, materials, and ideas to help facilitate this process. Let us know your commitment – email to sign up!

Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

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