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Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most. A travel-size shampoo, a new pair of socks, a bottle of water, or a jar of peanut butter can help someone who is living on the streets or has been newly housed. We appreciate your generosity and willingness to help meet our clients’ basic, critical needs. Beyond the gift itself, it helps our clients to know that there are people who care about them and want to help.

There are numerous ways to assist SEARCH and our clients with in-kind donations. Whether you donate these items yourself or organize a drive at your school, church, synagogue, or place of work, your in-kind donations make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives.

Wish List

Click here for a list of our most frequently needed items
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Easy Order Items for the House of Tiny Treasures

Don’t have time to shop? Click here for our Amazon Wishlist. Simply place your order, and your items will be delivered directly to the House of Tiny Treasures.

Prepare Sack Lunches for our Clients

SEARCH relies on volunteers to provide approximately 300 sack lunches each week for our clients. These sack lunches are primarily distributed by our Mobile Outreach Team to individuals who are living on the streets. Oftentimes, that sack lunch may be the only meal they have that day and is what keeps them from going hungry.

Details on preparing sack lunches

Prepare Snack Packs for our Clients

Our Mobile Outreach Team needs snack packs as they meet individuals living on the streets.

For details on preparing snack packs, please click here.

Easy to open protein items are an urgent need for our clients. Please choose 3 or more of the items in the list below to package in zip-lock bags to create great snack packs for our clients.

  • Bumble Bee Snacks on the Run – Tuna, chicken salad, ham kits, etc.
  • Vienna Sausage
  • GoGo Squeeze Fruit Pouches
  • Pudding packs
  • Planters mixed snack pouches/Trail mix
  • Fruit cups or apple sauce cups
  • Peanut butter or cheese cracker pack
  • Dried fruit crisps packets
  • Raisin snack boxes
  • Granola bars
  • Jiff to Go / Nutella & Go snacks
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Non-chocolate protein bars (Chocolate melts!)

Drop-off of in-kind donations should be scheduled in advance with Katherine White at or 713-276-3063.

Donation Delivery Information

Please deliver all in-kind donations to SEARCH Homeless Services located at:

SEARCH Homeless Services
2015 Congress Avenue
Houston, TX 77002

Donation Drop-Off Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Drop-off of in-kind donations should be scheduled in advance with Katherine White at or 713-276-3063 ext. 163.

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Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

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