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Ending street homelessness is within reach

April 16, 2014

Thao CostisMayor Annise Parker recently announced that the number of homeless persons found on any given day in Downtown Houston has reduced by half since 2012 from 1,060 to 529 in 2014.  The Coalition for the Homeless will soon release numbers that will reflect the entire county’s census of people who are homeless.  This initial peek of an area that has the highest concentration of people living on the street is a reflection of the significant progress we’ve made as a community over the past two years.  With the community’s goals to end chronic and veteran homelessness before 2016, public and private sector partners are working diligently to:

  1. Create 2500 units of permanent supportive housing for individuals with significant health needs.
  2. Develop a service delivery mechanism that’s targeted at more than helping people manage crises, but at truly ending homelessness.
  3. Develop a standardized assessment and housing placement system to prioritize the most vulnerable individuals and maximize resources.

Because of SEARCH’s experience with homelessness over the past 25 years and our focus on skilled case management that facilitate behavior change, we’ve been instrumental in helping individuals move from the streets, into jobs, and safe, stable housing.  We’ve also been a key partner and leader in the community’s efforts to implement the work outlined above.

With the Mayor’s political will, our community coming together to do business differently, and the expertise SEARCH is providing, ending street homelessness is within reach.  It’s an exciting time for SEARCH, our clients, and our city.  Thank you for being part of our important work.

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SEARCH Homeless Services

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Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

Help us achieve a Houston without homelessness

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