Page Photo - HouseWhile homelessness is about the lack of a stable place to live, the provision of a home is not the only solution to the problem. The multiple challenges that lead to an individual or family facing homelessness will continue to pose difficulties. SEARCH works to help individuals and families who have been placed in housing to continue their stability and on-going work to rebuild their lives.

Scattered-Site Housing

Combined with on-going case management, this program provides housing assistance. SEARCH’s housing resources enable program participants to secure affordable apartments throughout Houston and Harris County. SEARCH currently supports 71 units of housing for disabled families and individuals. SEARCH provides furnishings, rent, utilities, and the necessary security deposits to rebuild a home.

Housing Plus Program

SEARCH partners with housing providers to pair our skilled case management staff with residents who were homeless even after they’ve obtained housing.  This unique combination of housing resources with case management skills ensure longer stability for individuals placed in housing.  It also leads to a synergistic result for all stakeholders who share the common goal of helping people obtain and maintain long-term stability in affordable housing.