Page Photo - EngageBecause there is a shortage of shelter beds and transitional housing options, more than 3,000 men and women in Houston struggle daily with life on the streets. Many of these individuals are immobilized by physical or mental health impairments, and lack of skills and a support network.

Houston’s homeless population includes veterans, men and women with addictions, and people without family and friends to rely upon. Losing hope and seeing no real opportunities in sight, some become resigned to living rough on the street. Most continue to look for a way out.

SEARCH’s Mobile Outreach Program travels throughout Houston to common gathering areas for individuals who are homeless and provides on-the-spot assessment, assistance, intervention and referrals. Armed with food, water, clothing, and blankets, they offer an important lifeline to people who care and needed help.

SEARCH’s Resource Center is a day shelter offering essential services to clients already enrolled in SEARCH’s case management services, individuals who are seeking medical/dental services and those who are homeless and seeking Employment Services. We help clients begin their transition to get back on their feet.