9th Annual Picnic in the Park with SEARCH!

Levy Park

Thursday, November 2, 2017, 6:00 – 9:00 pm


Robin & Danny Klaes


Event Chairs

Denise & Robert Leisten

Tammy & Kim Norman

Live Entertainment by KlockWork Band


After-work or “snappy casual” attire

Complimentary food, wine, and beer

Cash bar

For questions, please contact Julianne Hickey at jhickey@searchhomeless.org

Here is a list of our 2017 underwriters (as of July 28, 2017):

Shooting Stars
Shelly Cyprus
Charlie Thomas Family

Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.
KWS Foundation

Twilight Dancers
Jane & Stephen Dabney
Monica Fulton
John McLaughlin
Dixie & Ron Messner
Amy & Rob Pierce
Sydney & Jeff Shellebarger
TAM International
Linda Webster

Midnight Revelers
Shirley & Robert Allen
Americanized Benefit Consultants
Wendy & Cris Bera/Annamarie & Chris Dewhurst/Tracy & Barry Schneider
Betsy & Don Berkemeyer
Dawn & Mike Boehler
Catha & Homer Carrillo
Thao & Dean Costis
Molly & Dane Johnson
Meredith Mouer & Andy Weiner
Kyttie & Bentley Sanford
Janie & Ken Valach
Gigi & Jose Valera

Star Gazers
Dede & John Ale
Mary & Steve Bradshaw
Capitol Beverage Service
Joan & Daniel Cohen
Jonel & Robert Curl
Judith & Howard Finkel
Diana & Ronnie Hecht
Cindy & Bob Holloway
Cindy & Donnie Marion/MMI Agency
Professional Janitorial Service of Houston, Inc.
Danny Pleason
Edlyn Pursell
Melanie & Greg Rosenberg
Regina Rogers
Mary Beth & Ross Staine
Sandra & Ryan Staine
Superbag Corp.
Lorriane & Ed Wulfe

Sunset Supporters
Boucher Design Group
Les Cave
Adonia & Kevin Cokinos
Mary Lou Fry
Melanie Gray & Mark Wawro
Linda & Barry Hunsaker
Betty Baer & Fred Krasny
Rosemary & Matt Schatzman
Mimi & Champ Traylor
Kari & John Work

2016 Picnic in the Park Photos
Photography by Photos by Rovo

Do you have photos from this, or other SEARCH events you would like to share with us? Pick your favorite shots and email them to: jhickey@searchhomeless.org